• Talent Training

    The company provides a full range of training opportunities for employees, including new employee induction training, on-the-job training, academic education, technical seminars, and reserve cadre training camps (rotation, one-on-one mentoring, temporary training, leadership enhancement) and other rich training resources.
  • Career Development

    The talent development channel of "horizontal multi-path" + "vertical  multi-channel"  is  horizontally  connected  and  vertically  connected.  From cross-position  and  cross-department  rotation  mentor  system  tracking,  to  targeted project training,  cross-field  industry technical  exchanges,  and management  ability improvement.
  • Benefits and Incentives

    Competitive salaries in the industry; performance-based year- end bonuses; a full set of social insurance and housing provident funds including pension, medical, work injury, unemployment and maternity insurance; festival and birthday benefits; various types of holidays stipulated by the state; meal subsidy , work subsidy; staff canteen; staff dormitories and etc.

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